One last week

today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday which means ITS TIME! I feel like we have worked so hard for this musical, it is going to be so wonderful. I just previously watched the trailer and I was overwhelmed with joy on how good it looked.
The Trailer
I think that one of the best decisions I have made is auditioning for the musical. Although like I am sure you have heard we have been at the school till 10 polishing the musical, which was taking a major toll on my grades when we first started since then when I had an F in geometry and a D in English and a D in APHG I have brought all my grades up except for AP. I have gotten all A’s and B’s except for AP I don’t know why it’s so much harder for me. I know it is an AP class in all its glory of being “advanced” it lives up to the name. Blogging is an interesting thing to do for an assignment, I have troubles writing them because I have only ever had a blog that was to talk about life and no one really ever saw it. This is very public and meant to showcase school and how we have come and to talk about our “academics” which is I think the least thing I do on this blog.

So, academics I have always been an above average student, that isn’t saying much because I am a freshman. I wasn’t like all-star above average more like got all A’s and B’s and scored above the state average on every state test, like ever. So my mom said that AP will help you and such and well I am learning so much and I really do love the class it definitely is hard, It kinda feels like I’m not so above average. Either way, I try and do my work, high school is definitely a “new” experience. Next year, I am taking an online french class and I am quite excited. On to a new year…


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